My Favorite Things From February + a Life Update

Hello friends! It has been awhile. Life has been absolutely crazy these past few months and I took a much-needed break. I have some awesome content planned for you soon and I’m excited to be writing and sharing again!


So, as many of you know, Brad and I ended up breaking our lease abruptly at the end of January. We literally moved out on January 31st. We ended it due to some issues with our landlord and we are still dealing with some of them, unfortunately. We moved our little family in with Brad’s parents and they have been so kind as to let us stay with them + they cook us dinner every night which is a bonus. It has definitely been a learning process, but we are so grateful to have family so close and so willing to bring us into their world.

Brad’s truck died so we will be getting him a new truck soon. Our hope is to continue paying off some of our debt and then hopefully in the next few months find an apartment of somewhere to live that is our own space. We aren’t in any hurry and we are taking our time in this season with little to no financial worry or stress. This was never what we intended or expected after being in that home for only 4 months, but God always has a way of turning our unfortunate situations into faith-building situations. We are leaning in and trusting that God has a plan for this season too.


1 // Scrunchies!

I have been obsessed for about a year now, but recently I went a little overboard on my scrunchie game. Here are some of my favorite scrunchies: Light blue bow + pattern 3-pack, Neutrals/Solid Colors 5-pack, Dot 5-pack, Black&White patterned 5-pack, basically I love any from Francesas AND they are doing a sale right now where you can get 2 for $20 on select scrunchie sets.

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2 // Date Night with Brad

In the midst of all the change and busyness, date nights keep me sane. Everything from dinner and a movie, Dave and Busters, to a Target run. Any QT (quality time) I get with my man is a date to me! I highly recommend this if you and your spouse are in the midst of a transition, don’t forget to spend one-on-one time together!

3 // Water

I am not a huge fan of drinking water and I don’t drink enough of it. I bought a simple modern tumbler and it has made drinking my water so much easier. I’m not where I need to be yet, but it helps! My favorite part is that it has a straw! It also keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours (even longer when you leave it in your car in 30-degree weather!)

4 // Cadbury Eggs

These are one of my FAVORITE candies and they are only around once a year. So I said “goodbye” to the Valentines Day chocolates and hello to the Easter candy! If you haven’t had these, try them. I could eat around 50 little eggs a day, I am OBSESSED!

5 // Too Faced concealer

I am NOT a makeup person and I normally buy all drug-store but I went to Ulta a few weeks ago to get the Tarte Shape Tape concealer to try it out. While I was there, this lady showed me the Too-Faced concealer. She said that it’s better for people with dry skin (which is 100% me) and so I had her put it on me in the store. I instantly fell in love! I don’t wear foundation and this blends so well that I still don’t have to. It doesn’t feel like I have makeup on at all and it matches my skin perfectly which covers up my dark circles better than the elf concealer I used to use. My color: Porcelain. TIP: Use a damp beauty blender to blend it into your skin. This helps soak up any excess makeup.

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6 // Office Organization

I am really organized when I have the tools to help me stay organized. For my birthday, my coworkers blessed me with some cute office supplies from Target! I have always been obsessed with stationery, pens, journals, etc. So this was a great gift and now I want to buy all the office supplies and organization things! Here are some of my favorites: Desk OrganizerWood Picture FrameBlack & White Binder Clips and Push Pins

7 // My Steve Madden Suede Mules

I LOVE these shoes because they are so versatile. I can wear them casual or dress them up. The color is perfect for wearing year round and would be a great transition piece into Spring! They are comfortable and fit true to size.

8 // My new work bag from Target

I adore this bag. It is a chic, adorable tote bag that also doubles as a backpack! It has a padded area for your laptop and multiple pouches to store whatever you need to. It is the perfect bag for a working woman and it comes in many different colors, I have the Olive Green.

9 // All things Winston!

I am loving being a dog mom. I buy him way too many toys and I let him get away with too much (says Brad) but what am I supposed to do? He is SO STINKIN CUTE! I will be sharing our favorite puppy products, especially for dogs that shed soon. So be on the lookout for that!

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*Photo is from January, but it’s one of my favorite pictures of him!*

10 // Podcasts!

Now that my comute is back, I have been going through them so fast. I listen to at least 2 a day almost. Some of my favorites are: Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher, Fierce Marriage with Ryan and Selena Frederick, The Real Life Podcast with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, The Rise and Rise Together Podcast with Rachel Hollis, and She with Jordan Lee Dooley.

Those are just a handful of the things I am loving currently and throughout these past few months while I’ve been MIA. What are some of the things you’re loving?


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