Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

Journaling always makes me feel better. There is something about getting your thoughts out onto paper paired with the freedom of leaving them there. Self-reflection is always a good thing and I wanted to share 15 prompts to help get that process started.

15 Journal Prompts for Self Reflection:

1 // Write down 10 affirmations that you need to hear right now.

2 // The biggest lesson I’m learning right now is…

3 // Write a letter to your younger self. 

4 // Make a list of 30 things you’re grateful for. 

5 // My ideal day would look like…

6 // If I had to choose one area to improve in myself, I would pick…

7 // Write about your day today. What did you do? What are you feeling? What did you like? What would you change?

8 // The best moment of my life was… (or my favorite memory is…)

9 // The biggest gift I bring to the world is…

10 // Make a list of 20 things that make you happy.

11 // The hardest thing I’ve ever been through was…and I learned this lesson from it…

12 // Think about someone who inspires you and write about why. 

13 // Write down three things you’re feeling right now. Dive deeper by writing down what you think is behind those feelings.

14 // Make a bucket list for yourself. 

15 // Write down 10 things you love about yourself. 

It is so important to carve out time for ourselves. We need to be refreshed and renewed on a regular basis and journaling is a great way to do that. I hope this list helps you get to know yourself better. If you journal any of these prompts – let me know!


7 thoughts on “Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

  1. I love journaling and am trying to journal extra right now because it helps to soothe my anxiety. I love these prompt ideas to get my mind moving and ideas flowing.

  2. I just saved this to Pinterest because I absolutely love journaling, and prompts like this are hugely helpful! I’m so glad you shared these. I can’t wait to start up my journal again tomorrow. It’s been too long since I’ve written in it!

  3. I been trying to start journaling for a while now. I’m going to print this and have it close to me so it can be easier to start. I even got a cute notebook for this!

  4. These are great, thanks for sharing – I’ve been trying to journal a bit more now but sometimes I can get stuck on what to actually write down! So prompts help.

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