The 10 Things That Saved My Sanity When Planning My Wedding

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I have had an overwhelming request to talk about all things wedding, from planning, our vendors, all the hidden secrets, and so on. Your wish is my command, so I’m starting a series called #WeddingWednesday where I will be sharing all things wedding on Wednesdays until I’ve covered everything you’ve asked me to! It’s going to be so much fun and I’m super pumped about it!

I got married this past July. We got engaged in December, which comes out to about a 6 month engagement. I planned the whole thing on my own. It was a lot, stressful at times, but I really did enjoy doing it. I truly believe that why I enjoyed it so much, a part from the fact that I was marrying Brad and it was my wedding, was because I took advantage of certain things. I found things that made it easier on me. Don’t worry, I will be sharing soon the things I did totally wrong when it came to planning my wedding, because that happened too. Overall, wedding planning was extremely fun for me!

Not only was it really fun planning my wedding, but I LOVED my wedding! I loved how it turned out and it was everything I could have imagined. I could have been on a dessert hill marrying Brad and I would have loved it because I married Brad, but my wedding truly was everything I’d ever dreamed of. It was romantic, sweet, silly, fun, and so us. So, enough of my rambling, let’s get to the point!

The 10 Things That Saved My Sanity When Planning My Wedding

1 //

No, this is not an ad nor is it sponsored. I LOVE this company. They have so many designs and options, including pricing options. They have different paper options, edging, postcards, foil, anything you could ever want. You will easily be able to find something your style on their website and they are always adding new designs. You can make them your own as well by changing colors, fonts, etc. The best part…you can input all your addresses into their website and 1. they stay there forever (I used them for Grad invites and Christmas cards) 2. they address all your envelopes for you. Seriously a LIFE SAVER!


2 // An Address Stamp

Mailing was the worst part for me so I did a lot to make this easier on myself. This saved my life and still does to this day. I used it for our invitations, our RSVPs, thank you cards, etc. It made the not-so-fun part of wedding planning (aka mail stuff) a whole lot easier. I didn’t have to hurt my hands writing it over and over again. It looked super nice and it was something our guests recognized, and continue to recognize when they receive mail from us.

3 // Target Dollar Section

I knew Brad and I were getting married eventually before he proposed. I knew I wanted certain things when it came to decorations for our wedding. I scouted out the Target dollar section every time I went to Target…which is a lot. I found so many great things from there including but not limited to: gold candle holders, gold mason jars, gray and gold tiny buckets, our light up bubble guns for our send off, and SO MUCH MORE! I also mix-matched my decor, which helped so much when it came to cost and options. I bought 5 of everything and mixed it all in where it looked good.


4 // Day of Coordinator

I highly recommend hiring some kind of wedding planner, I hired a month of coordinator which included day of. I would hire a day of coordinator without question, it was so helpful having someone else take control on day of. I really liked this because I got plan my wedding and enjoy that experience on my own, but then on the day of my wedding I got to take a step back and enjoy it. She helped me tie up loose ends throughout the month leading up so that I could just be present and enjoy it. My wedding planner was so helpful on the day of and it really did relieve so much stress for me!

5 // Add Things to Your Wedding That You Really Care About

As a girl, I had planned my wedding in my head for yeeeeears. I had my Pinterest board, I’d planned with my girls, I knew things I wanted. I made sure to include those things, because that’s what kept me excited during the times that weren’t as fun. For instance, tablecloths, talking with catering, and counting tables isn’t super fun, but I was recording my down-the-aisle song during that time, which I was super pumped about. So I stayed excited throughout the stages of wedding planning that didn’t exactly excite me.

6 // Don’t Feel Like You Have to Splurge on Everything

My rule when it comes to weddings is splurge on the things you really want and then don’t spend so much on other things. Prioritize what really matter and spend the money on that and save on the rest. I took major advantage of Dollar Tree, Thrift Stores, Target Dollar Section, DIY projects, Hand-me-downs, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby Sales, etc. It helped relieve some stress knowing I was spending money on the things I really wanted to and not spending as much on the other things that I didn’t care as much about.


7 // Be True to Yourself

It’s so easy in this social media focused world, especially with such a special event as your wedding, to compare to others. You scroll through Pinterest and have an overload of ideas, on Instagram you see weddings that look certain ways, you see things you like and don’t like, and it’s hard. It can be really hard to try and fit in, be trendy, and do what everyone else is doing. I promise that you’ll enjoy it so much more when you are true to yourself. You’ll enjoy the planning process when you enjoy the wedding you’re putting together, when it reflects you and your spouse, and when you can look back at your wedding day and know that it was the perfect day for you.

8 // Make it Fun

While wedding planning can be stressful, you have the power to make it more fun or making it more stressful and overwhelming. Some of the ways I made it fun was: doing the more tedious tasks, like assembling invitations, with friends, making a girls night out of getting prepped, taking advantage of all the freebies, going to bridal events even after everything was already planned out, keeping secrets and surprises from Brad that I got to look forward to letting him experience, and just staying present and enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

9 // Stay on Top of Things

Nothing is more stressful in my opinion than missing deadlines or approaching deadlines unprepared. There are a lot of deadlines and dates to remember when planning a wedding. I recommend keeping a planner or having a place where you can write everything out. Stay on top of it and have people partner with you to help you remember. I would let my best friends in on what was coming up so they could remind me and my wedding planner also helped with deadlines as well.



This was a HUGE thing that kept me from getting too overwhelmed, worried, or stressed out. I always reminded myself that it was about our marriage years from now more than it was about our one wedding day. It would be special no matter what happened, what decorations we had, or what songs we played. I was marrying my very best friend and no planning could make that any more or any less special.

I really did enjoy planning my wedding and I truly believe these were some of the main reasons. They made it easier, less stressful, less costly, and so much more fun. I’d love to hear from you, what is your best wedding planning advice or what are you struggling with the most if you’re planning your wedding right now? Let’s chat!

6 thoughts on “The 10 Things That Saved My Sanity When Planning My Wedding

  1. These are amazing wedding tips! Totally with you on staying true to who you are–it’s your wedding after all! DIY & Dollar spots were my jam, too! Every time I see wedding pictures I want to plan it again. Can I marry my husband every year?! haha!! I’m the crazy bride that LOVED wedding planning.

  2. I love your list so much! I’m in the midst of wedding planning, but I also plan events for a living, so I’m used to all the craziness that comes with it! We’re getting married in September, but we are very far along in planning. I love that you mentioned Mintes because I love their designs. I also love that you talked about not having to splurge on everything because it’s SO true! You definitely don’t need to spend so much money on every aspect. My flowers are VERY inexpensive, and we aren’t having a cake, but a dessert bad that’s included in our package, which is also saving us a ton of money. It’s all about balance and what works best for you and your budget!

  3. I got married in 2005 so no Pinterest or many of these other things. I did it old-school with tons of magazines. Sometimes I’m glad there wasn’t Pinterest because I feel like weddings were more simple but sometimes I wish there had been because it would have been easier than magazines. These are all great tips!

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