How to Save Money During the Holidays With Very Little Effort

The holiday season is officially here and this time of year usually invites the pressure to spend more money. We are buying gifts, inviting people over, going out more, and buying more Starbucks due to the shift in weather. If you’re anything like me, this can create a lot of stress and anxiety. In order to make this time of year a little less stressful for us all, I have compiled a list of my favorite ways to save money during the holidays with little to no effort at all! My first tip of advice would be to set a budget but that does require effort and I promised my advice in this post would require very little effort. 

1. DOSH is an app that gives you cashback when you shop!

This app is so easy because once you link a card, you get the deals. You don’t have to add deals, they add them for you once you swipe online or in-store.

Online shopping? Stores like Warby Parker (20% cashback), Tarte (10% cashback), and Bark Box ($16 per transaction online) are included online.

Shopping in-store? Stores like JC Penny (6% cashback), Sams Club ($10 for Club Members), and Sephora (5% cashback) are included.

It’s so easy to use but you do have to have $25 cashback before you can transfer the money into your bank account,  which will be no problem during the holidays.

2. RETAILMENOT shows you all the sales, deals, and discounts!

You can look up any retailer and/or establishment and it will list out all of the discounts and sales they’re having! It also shows both in-store and online discounts and sales so that you never miss the best deal. It’s a great tool to use during the holidays!

3. RAKUTEN (formally known as Ebates) is another way to get cashback when you shop!

Online shopping? Install their browser extension and have all the offers pop up the second you click on the site. You must activate cashback to receive it for each retailer.

Shopping in the store? Make sure you check the app for offers and activate them to receive cashback in-store.

They have been having a lot of double cashback during the holiday season so far, so keep your eyes peeled if you download it. You receive your check in the mail or PayPal transfer during their payout months, February, May, August, and November if you have a balance in your account.

4. GROUPON+ is another way to get cashback!

Groupon+ is a part of the Groupon but is more than discounts. The twist for Groupon+ is that you have to manually add the establishments you want to receive cashback from to your “wallet”. BUT once they’re added they are there forever and you don’t have to think about it again.

Groupon alone is a great place to get gifts for Christmas, especially experiences! They have great discounts!

5. QAPITAL is a paid subscription that takes your leftover change from each transaction and puts it into savings!

If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to save this is a great option. This is the only option that saves you money EVERY time you spend!

6. Check out your own bank!

Chase has recently started to offer cashback at certain places if you add them to your Chase Offers in the app. See if your bank offers anything similar because this way you don’t have to link your card or account to anything since it’s connected through your actual bank account. This also eliminates transfer fees and delays.

The great thing about all of these options is you can actually use them year-round! We are all trying to save money for something whether it’s to get out of debt, save up for a vacation, car, or new home, or just to have an emergency fund we can rely on just in case. I hope this is helpful and puts you at ease as we head into the holiday season when it comes to saving money and your finances. If you have any money-saving tips or tricks, share them in the comments so others can use them as well!

How to Save Money During the Holidays with Very Little Effort | Courtney Nicole Heathcock Blog

6 thoughts on “How to Save Money During the Holidays With Very Little Effort

  1. These are some great tips! I’ve been obsessed with Rakuten for several years and if there’s any way I can save $ (and not just at the holidays!) I’ll take it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Rakuten! I just bought a new phone and got 4% cash back (with how expensive phones are this was a nice thing!).

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