Our Merriest Christmas Cards with Minted

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and sending Christmas cards has become one of my favorite things to do during this season! I love getting our pictures made, picking out the perfect card, and then choosing all of our favorite people to send them to. It’s so much fun to me and honestly gives me a little adrenaline rush. I love receiving Christmas cards and celebrating the families near and dear to us and I hope they feel the same way whenever they receive our cards.

If you haven’t heard the story about last years Christmas card picture disaster, I’ll save you the trouble. Long story short is that we had to reschedule 3 times and so we ended up running straight into Christmas before we could ever take the pictures. So we smacked a wedding photo on a card and pressed order. Then it got delivered to the wrong place and so we ended up sending more like New Year’s cards but Christmas themed. This year, I promised myself it would be different and we got our Christmas pictures taken a few weeks ago at a Christmas Tree farm in Van Alystne, TX. I’ll be sharing more about those soon, be on the lookout!

One of our traditions we started last year is keeping all the Christmas cards from each year together so we can relive the memories as we grow older. I can’t wait to look back in 20 years at all the cards we have collected throughout the years, friends we’ve made, and memories we’ve shared together. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, especially when it’s covered in Christmas cheer! I’m in the process of figuring out how I want to display them and once I do, I’ll let you know.

Our Merriest Christmas Cards with Minted | Courtney Nicole Heathcock Blog

Our Christmas Card // My Second Favorite // My Third Favorite

This year we went with a simple card. Last year, we had so much to celebrate and share with those we loved since our wedding earlier that year. (Side note: having all of my addresses already entered in from my wedding has been a LIFE. SAVER). So, we shared all of those things but this year was a little tough for us and we decided to display more of the beautiful pictures from Jamie Huffman Photography, our sweet friend, instead. And I love how they turned out! But it was SO hard to just pick three pictures from our shoot, I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Minted makes getting the perfect card for any occasion SO easy! We have used them for wedding save the dates, invitations, Christmas cards, and even announcing our new home. I love how customizable and easy Minted.com is to use. They basically do all the work for you! You can make any card your own and they even address your envelopes for you for FREE once you enter your addresses into their Address Assistant! To save some money, we decided to send postcards instead of sending a card in an envelope this year. Did you know postcard stamps are cheaper?! They also give you the option to personalize your stamps to match your card, which is so cute and saves you a trip inside the post office. Overall, we love Minted and have had the best experience working with them over the years!

Right now they have a discount of 15% off holiday cards with the code RMNHOLIDAY18. This code expires on 12/31/18, but don’t be like me and wait until the last minute.

Our Merriest Christmas Cards with Minted | Courtney Nicole Heathcock Blog

It has been so much fun this year really nailing down the traditions Brad and I want to have with our little family. It brings me so much joy to create habits and expectations that we get to pass down to our children one day! Does your family do Christmas cards? If not, what’s one of your families traditions this time of the year?



8 thoughts on “Our Merriest Christmas Cards with Minted

  1. I too, save all my Christmas cards. I send out about 160 cards, I love getting cards. I get those large boxes from Michael’s and label it with the years and place my cards in the box. Usually I can get more than one year in the box. When I moved down here from Sacramento, I found childhood Christmas cards that I had received from my grandparents and my mom.
    I will look forward to receiving your card. By the way, please send me your new address.

  2. Oh, how I adore the idea of doing a Christmas card photoshoot and sending them off to family and friends! I definitely think I’d like to implement that once my partner and I have normal, full time jobs and a proper routine (right now we’re students who work part-time so we basically have no lives 😂) as they would such great keepsakes to have!

  3. Ah, these are so so cute! We usually forget all about cards until it’s too late and I want them to be festive photos. Lol so I’m hoping we can squeeze in some time to get them done before the week of Christmas. Haha I love minted so much though! Your design is adorable.

  4. We used Minted for our Save the Date cards and we loved it. We decided not to do Christmas cards since we are paying for wedding invites soon. Lol on a budget. But definitely, love how yours turned out.

  5. Ahh such gorgeous Christmas cards!! I love Minted, I have a couple of art pieces from them but I’ve never tried out their customised cards before. We don’t do Christmas cards here in my country, but I think it’s such a cute idea that I just might start!

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