The Crazy Journey to Our New Home

We officially got the keys to our new house on Monday and we are so excited for this new chapter of our lives. However, it was a whirlwind of emotions leading up to that point. It wasn’t an easy week for us and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many emotions in 7 days in my life. I am all about transparency, so I wanted to share all the messy details of our journey to get this home because it’s relatable, real, and honest.

Let’s start at the very beginning…


Brad and I started looking at houses about a month ago. We found a house we liked and right after we filled out our application, we found out the house sold. We felt a little defeated honestly and took a few weeks off of looking to recuperate. So, we finally decided it was time to try again, we were getting closer to getting into the new church building, and honestly, we were ready to get the moving thing over with. We looked at one house, then another, and then another and weren’t impressed. Then, we found a gem of a house that was perfect for us.

This house is literally the best for what we want to utilize it for. It’s perfect for hosting and it has a completed updated kitchen. It has beautiful tile floors all throughout the house, perfect for a little pup one day. We adored this house and left the showing both in agreement that we would totally buy it in the future, we loved it that much. Brad’s mom is a realtor, so she made the call and we found out we were up against 3 other applicants.  We can handle that and so we left ready to move forward in the process.

We filled out our applications and then found out we were up against two people. We got super excited and just knew we had a chance. I want to stop here to say thank you to everyone who prayed for and with us. We really appreciate it and we know that it played a huge part in the ending of this story. Speaking of, back to it…The very next day, I felt really uneasy all day long. I approached Brad that night and was really honest about how I was feeling. I told him that I was so excited about the house that I wanted his mom to tell him, not me if we did or didn’t get the house. He looked at me and immediately broke the news to me that we didn’t get it. Long story short, I cried.

The next day, his mom and I looked at houses again and it was just not happening for either of us. Nothing compared to THE house. She told me she was going to call the agent to see if there was any chance we could get it. AND WE DID! The couple couldn’t pay rent in time and we could, so we got the house. It doesn’t end there though…

So we go all week eager and excited to move into our new home. Saturday comes around, the day we’re paying for everything and getting the keys and everything becomes official. Long story short, we accidentally made one check when we were supposed to make two so we were freaking out the whole drive to the house. We get there and there is a driveway flooding issue happening. So the agent tells us not to pay today, she’ll reach out to the owner and get back to us in three days because the owner is out of the country. We leave feeling relieved and like we have some time to process everything and start packing.

No less than 30 minutes later we get a call from Brad’s mom saying that we either pay rent today or we lose the house. Complete 360, comfort totally out the window, and panic sets in. We jumble around some money (considering the money we had originally planned to spend was already taken out and on the wrong check lol) and went and made a whole new check. We were NOT going to lose this house. We didn’t hear much from anyone after sending a screenshot of the check since banks were already closed that day. So we were still a little unsure if the house was ours or not for the whole rest of the weekend. 

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(I don’t know why Brad can’t make a serious face…)

The story does have a happy ending. I got a call on Monday morning. Monday afternoon we picked up the keys and the house became ours. I didn’t even include all the nitty-gritty details because it was just a wild mess. This all happened between the span of 9 days. I was honestly an emotional wreck all last week and so overwhelmed. But, as we sought after God, peace came every. single. time. Brad and I spent 30-40 minutes praying that God’s will would be done after seeing this house for the first time. Each time we lost it, we felt sad but never lost peace. Every time we got it back, we felt excited but we never let go of that peace.

Throughout this whole week, I have been reading Hebrews and diving into this whole theme of patience and faith. God was constantly speaking to me this past week “Do you trust me?” and “Don’t limit me.” It gives me chills just thinking about it. God provided, but never in the way we would have thought or even in the way we would have wanted. But the point is He provided. He will provide for you too, it may not be ideal or how you imagined, but He will. 

I am so excited to share this journey with you. There are so many new things for us and we can’t wait to have you tag along. We’re renting a house for the first time. Moving in a matter of a week for the first time. And renting out our current house for the first time.

8 thoughts on “The Crazy Journey to Our New Home

  1. Ahh reading this gave me such hope! God really did provide for you in such a magnificent way! I’m excited for ya’ll with this new chapter and can’t wait to hear more in the new few months!

  2. Ahh reading this gave me such hope! God really did provide for you guys and I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to read more in the next few months!

  3. Congratulations on your new diggs! So happy that you were able to get the house you really wanted. God does answer our prayers, it’s just hard sometimes to let Him decide when and where and how things are going to happen. Love to you both and continued prayers as you travel this new road.

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