My July Praise Reports

If you’re new around here, at the end of every month I write out at least 10 praise reports from that month. This simply means things that were good, that I’m thankful for, or that challenged me. I love doing this because it keeps me in an attitude of gratitude.

The month of July came with so many things and it was difficult to just pick 10 things to put on my praise report list. July is such a special month for us since we get to celebrate our anniversary and so many new beginnings!

1 // We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the 2nd!

2 // We went on a much-needed anniversary trip to San Antonio

It was so much fun and we really enjoyed getting away. Our favorite part of the trip was going golfing and eating at Eddie V’s (although it was a much more expensive endeavor than we knew of going into it.)

3 // We were officially announced as the Student Pastors at Vibrant Chruch!

YES! If you are in the Fort Worth area, we have a saved a seat for you at Vibrant on Sundays. So many exciting things happening at our church and we are just pumped to be a part of it!

4 // We spent a ton of time with family this month, both mine and Brad’s.

We celebrated Brad’s grandpa’s birthday, his moms, visited my family in Wichita Falls, and spent a lot of time with my dad including 4th of July and going to a Rangers game.

5 // Big Brother is back on and that is one of our favorite shows and it’s been a great time spender for us (especially since it comes on 3 times a week)

Who are your favorites? I like Tyler and Sam the most!

6 // The Lord has really been challenging me about trusting Him and it’s been a beautiful journey this month

It has been TOUGH but so refreshing. God is so good and He knows the desires of our hearts so well and He knows what is best for us. Trusting Him is getting easier and easier every day because He has been so sweet to me and my marriage.

7 // I have really felt like my passion for this blog has come back and I have been really planning for the rest of 2018 and you should get excited!

If you have anything you’d like to see on the blog or suggestions you can 1. comment below or 2. email

8 // Things at work have been really busy, but it’s been SO good.

It is an honor I will never be able to fully put into words to get to walk alongside these brave survivors as they find their healing story.

9 // It was Christmas in July, one of my favorite holidays!

10 // We launched our Sponsor a Survivor program at work where you can sponsor a survivor of human trafficking for $50/month

If you’d like to sponsor one of our Brave Ones, read more about it here.


This month has been nothing short of amazing and such a breath of fresh air compared to the months leading up to it. Remember, if it’s not good, God’s not finished.

But it’s your turn, what were your July praise reports?!


6 thoughts on “My July Praise Reports

  1. You had such an amazing month!! From your first anni (yay!!) to your trip–so much fun! I’m so excited for your new church and position! So glad you got to spend a lot of time with family, too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like such a wonderful month!! My husband’s home with me again during the week since his new company is picking up and he left his old job which has been awesome! We both are used to working from home, so the last couple of years when he had a 9-5 was SO strange for me lol

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