Our One Year Anniversary​: The Story of Us

Today, we celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary which is nuts! It has just flown by and what a year it has been. I can honestly say this year has turned out nothing like we expected, but we have become so team-minded that it has made the journey so much fun! In honor of the 12 months we’ve been married, I’m sharing 12 words that best describe our story. Here we go!


1 // 4th of July.

Brad and I met on the 4th of July at his family’s barbecue…and he avoided me like nobodies business.

2 // Dinner and a Movie.

It ended up raining on our first date, so we were forced to go to dinner and a movie (which we both hate for first dates.) We ate Johnny Carinos and saw the Martian. Now, dinner and a movie have become one of our favorite date night activities.

3 // Long Distance.

We were long distance for our dating relationship and engagement. We only lived an hour and a half apart, but we had conflicting schedules so we would end up going days without communicating. This taught us how to develop our relationship in unique ways and make us appreciate our time together all the more.

4 // Christmas Day.

We got engaged on Christmas Day 2016 in front of a giant Christmas tree in a hotel lobby. Brad carried the ring in his pocket for days before proposing and when he finally decided the moment was right, he pulled the ring out of his pocket. (Yes…you read that right. He had the ring hidden in his pocket.)

5 // Mission/Ministry.

Ministry has been a huge passion of mine and Brad’s and that was one of the things that drew us to one another. We know that as a married couple we have to have the same mission in mind and ours is to bring as many people to Heaven with us. It’s a simple as that and it’s what keeps us grounded in the midst of chaos is having the same mission in mind.

6 // Celebration.

Brad and I have had the honor throughout our relationship to celebrate others. We have been in weddings, had family and friends welcome children into the world, celebrate promotions and jobs offers, etc. Celebrating the milestone moments of life is something we get excited about!

7 // Decisions.

We may have only been married for one year, but we have already had to make some BIG decisions, tough decisions, and exciting decisions.. We have valued the ability to make them together and walk through them as one team.

8 // Favor of God.

This first year of marriage has had its challenges, including financially. I didn’t work at all the first 6-7 months of our marriage, but we continued to tithe off of the money we had. God has blessed us immensely in this year and has opened so many doors for us both. God’s plan is truly the best plan and He takes care of His children.

9 // Date Night.

First, it was Tuesdays and now it’s Wednesdays, but we don’t go a week without it. We will go on a date night at least one day each week. We value spending intentional time with one another and know that it truly makes all the difference.

10 // Our Kitchen Table.

We have shared many moments around our kitchen table: meals, arguments, game nights, meals with family, bible study with our youth students, phone calls with our mentors, laughs with our family and friends, conversations about God, and so much more. This table holds a lot of special memories.

11 // Laughter.

We love laughter. We love being silly. We never take ourselves too seriously and we always look for the good in every situation. Laughter has brought us out of some deep sorrow and heartache as a couple.

12 // Navigators Council (The Marriage Journal.)

We end our Sunday nights with our Marriage Journal every week (for the most part..) It has totally transformed our conversations, our mindset, and pushed us to discover even more into what intentionality means in our relationship and what it looks like. We would strongly recommend it to anyone who is married no matter how long you’ve been together. Purchase yours here.



There you have it, that’s the story of us.

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4 thoughts on “Our One Year Anniversary​: The Story of Us

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary! It sounds like you two are on the right track to a long and happy marriage!

  2. This is such a sweet post! I love that you got engaged on Christmas Day, that is adorable. Christmas is already my favourite day of the year, being proposed to would make it even better!

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