My May Praise Report

If I’m being really transparent with you guys, May has been the hardest month for Brad and I since we got married. May has been full of tough decisions, loss, tears, frustration, etc. Although May has been hard, it has been one of the strongest months of our marriage in reference to our relationship with one another. We have had to rely solely on one another and it has brought us closer than ever before. It was pretty difficult to think up 10 things from May, but here they are. I hope you are able to find some encouragement from reading the 10 praise reports that came from the hardest month I’ve had in years.


1 // As I mentioned above, Brad and I have grown so close and really truly understood what it meant to lean on one another.

It has been so impactful and empowering to us as a team.

2 // I attended my old roommate’s wedding and it was beautiful!

3 // I’ve been able to see my dad more than usual AND he’s coming to church with us this Sunday! (biggest praise of all!)

4 // I was able to attend a woman’s ministry event called Beloved and it was exactly what I needed and the timing was perfect.

5 // God has shown himself faithful to us through this period of transition.

6 // I surprised my friends in Denton by showing up at Summit Youth last Wednesday.

It was so nice to see them again and get to just exist.

7 // We had a SUPER successful outreach for work and the hotline calls and referrals have been FLOWING in and it’s been so amazing to see God working through Rescue Her.

8 // I started planning our anniversary trip to San Antonio!

I am so excited to get away and celebrate our one year that is on JULY 2ND!!

9 // Through this rough month, my prayer life has totally transformed.

I am learning how to truly let God be my defender and put all (and I mean ALL) my faith in Him.

10 // Now that we have some more free time, I have been able to be more intentional about resting.

Not just sleep but resting in things that bring me joy, like belly laughing with my husband.

This month has taught me to truly seek out the good in the midst of the storm. I can promise you it’s there, even if it’s hard to see. So, share with me some of YOUR praise reports for this month? 

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