Meet My People: Briana Grizzard

Incase you’re new here, or just forgot, I launched a series called Meet My People Mondays. Every other Monday you will get to hear from one of my closest friends. They will share about themselves, me, and our friendship. I truly believe there is no better way to know me than to know the people around me. They are going to be just as real and as honest as I am. I want you guys to get to know the people I love, while also getting to see me from one of my friend’s point of view.

Meet My People: Briana Grizzard


Briana Grizzard, is a gem that I am honored to know so well! We became friends by accident, but it’s been by far one of the best accidents EVER! I got really close to two of her really close friends and as time went on, we all became really close. Also known as the SQUAD once you add in our husbands! Bri is so gentle and caring for anyone she’s close to. She’s extremely loyal and would do anything for her friends and family! Bri is someone that I respect so much more now that I’m in youth ministry as a pastor’s wife. She is SO good at what her and her husband, Anthony, do. You can totally see the call on their lives. Bri has helped me and encouraged me through some seasons where I was lost and had no idea who or where to turn to. She welcomes vulnerability and seeks to understand everyone she encounters. Bri and Anthony, before little Trey came along, were always down to go on double dates with Brad and I. I believe this is when Bri and I pushed past being friends because our friends were friends to becoming friends because we wanted to be. We always had an amazing time with them and are SO happy to have them as couple friends to do life with! Another really cool thing about Bri is that she made ALL the super cute signs for my wedding, including my programs! It was so cool getting to have my friend be such a big part of what made my wedding so beautiful! You can find her shop in the link at the bottom of the blog or click here. I am so thankful to have a friend like Bri and love getting to celebrate life’s greatest adventures with her, like my wedding, her first baby, and both of us becoming new home owners! I love you, Bri!

The way this will work is…I asked her a series of questions, some about her and some about me, and I copied them word for word into this document. All of my input, if any, will be italicized and in parentheses. This is how it will be for each person. So, let’s dive in:

What’s your name? Briana Renee Grizzard

 How old are you? 26

 Married? Almost 5 years!        

Pets? a gray and white cat, Maximus Decimus Meridius (Max)- named in honor of the fact that my husband loves Gladiator; and a very energetic black and white Australian Shepherd, Elizabetheante (Lizzy)- this name is because a friend told us to name our first daughter that and I will not have a human child named Elizabetheante.

Kids? Yes! We have the sweetest 7-month-old boy, Anthony Craig Grizzard III (Trey)! (He is seriously the cutest little mixed baby I ever did see, especially with his little hair horns!)

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Shy, kind, caring, trustworthy, creative.

I had a little bit of help with these… its so hard to describe yourself when you don’t know if your see yourself the same way others do.

What is a fun fact about you?

I met Kate Gosslin once… I guess that’s kind of fun, lol.

What are you reading right now?

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

 What is something God’s been speaking to you right now?

To stop and focus on Him. It’s hard to have daily quiet time now that I have a baby, but it’s important to make an effort.

 What was the best thing that happened to you this past year?

I became a mom, watched my high school sweetheart be an amazing daddy, and have gotten to snuggle my little boy for over 7 months now.

What’s your favorite animal? And why?

Giraffes, because they’re beautiful and majestic and weirdly tall like me.

 What do you do for a living?

I’m a teacher

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With another baby or two, staying at home to take care of my family.

 What was the best year of your life? And why?

This year! Because I had my baby boy.

 What is your favorite way to pass the time?

Spending time with close friends.

 What is your personality type?

I’m fairly introverted.

 What is your love language?

My husband and I joke that my love language is all of them, lol. But I think the most important ones for me are quality time and words of affirmation. (I LOL’d on this one, I can totally see this!)

 What are your strengths?

I try to see the best in people.

 What are your weaknesses?

I can get pretty lazy and procrastinate on things.

 Who is your hero/role model?

My mom. She is the mother and wife that I want to be.

 What is your dream job?

Being a stay at home mom, and doing the things I love as a hobby not in need of income.

 What is the best advice you’ve ever given/heard?

Don’t have unrealistic or uncommunicated expectations for people/your spouse. That’s how most conflict arises. (YES!!!!)

What is your favorite bible verse? And why?

2 Timothy 1:7 “The Lord did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”

This has been my verse since I was a little girl. I have always struggled with fear, but God reminds me of the power I have through the Holy Spirit.

If you could share anything with the people on the blog what would you say? 

Love the life you’re living right now. Don’t look to the future for your happiness; God has joy for you in this phase of life. If you keep reaching for happiness in the next stage, then you’ll never find it. (SO GOOD y’all! So much wisdom!!!)

 How did you meet Courtney?

My husband and I are youth pastors, and Courtney became a youth leader in our youth group while she was a freshman (I think) at UNT. She first got close to a couple of girls that I was friends with, and then we kind of all became a squad. ❤

 What was your first impression of her?

That she was extremely outgoing and fun, and I wish I could be more like that.

 What’s your favorite thing about Courtney?

She brings life into any room she’s in.

 How has Courtney impacted your life?

Courtney has reminded me how to take hold of the moment, and to be excited about life.

 If you could describe Courtney in one word, what would it be?


 Which blog post has been your favorite so far? And why?

I loved the post about being a pastor’s wife. It’s nice to see that there are other people that are in the same boat as me, and not only share my passion and calling, but also have similar struggles.

 Share a memory or story of you and Courtney:

My favorite memory was during the New Years lock in last year. I was pregnant and tired so I went to my lodge, and Courtney and our other two friends came along. We ended up talking and laughing for a couple hours, when we were supposed to be with the youth kids, lol! It was always hard to pull us girls away from each other.


Bri is an amazing friend to have and I’m so glad we stumbled into each other’s lives! You can follow her on Instagram or friend her on Facebook for lots of pictures and videos of her cute little boy, posts about her cute etsy shop, and all of her families little adventures! Follow her shop for super cute signs and prints! She did all my signs for my wedding and I can’t say enough good things about her!

>> Instagram: @brianarenee13 & her shop @beautifulthings_bybri <<







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