What’s Behind the Mask?


Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is a time that we pretend to be someone we’re not, dress up in ways that we normally would not, and put on masks to hide who we really are. Although Halloween doesn’t last all year, some of us live as if it does. We pretend to be things that we aren’t. We dress ways we wouldn’t normally just to fit in or be “cool.” We put on masks to hide the person we really are because we don’t think the person we are would be as liked as the person we are pretending to be.

We live in a culture that shouts be like this or you’re not good enough, do this or you’re not talented, act this way or you’re not worthy, etc. We are constantly being told to be someone we’re not because the person we are isn’t good enough. We live in a world full of comparison, but the confusing part is that we are all doing it so where does it even start? Do we even know who we’re actually comparing ourselves to because if the person I’m comparing myself to is comparing themselves to someone and so on. You get the point, it’s a cycle but no one knows where it actually begins. Therefore, none of us even know who we are really trying to be like or impersonate, which means that no one we are trying to impress knows either. It’s a cycle that really make no sense, yet we all allow ourselves to get caught up in it.

We fall into the trap of comparison, insecurity, loneliness, and these feelings of unworthiness (I’ve been there too, I can assure you) when we don’t truly know or believe who we are. You hear about people having a mid-life crisis, this is exactly where that comes from. We get to a point in our lives where we are so lost because we have no idea who we are, who we want to, what we want to do, who we want to be with, etc. We are faced with this WHO AM I?! question and it’s scary.

I feel like we deal with this when we go through any transition really, not just at the middle stage of our life. We are constantly questioning who we are because sometimes scary to really know. When we know who we are we have to act like it, we have to act as if we know. When we know who we are we have responsibilities to uphold. When we know who we are things change. It’s one of those things where we convince ourselves that it’s better to not know because it’s easier that way. And in some cases it is easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.

I’m here to tell you that what is truly the easiest is knowing and believing who you are and where your identity comes from. This helps you stand firm in the midst of change, transition, difficulty, etc. This is your constant. When everything around you is changing, you’re identity and confidence in who you are and who’s you are stays the same. And when you know who you are, you aren’t going to waver as much.


So, how do we find out our identity? Well, we start at the beginning! When Adam and Eve were created they were made in God’s image. They were made for Him and by Him. Since we are part of that genealogy, years down the line, we too were made in God’s image, by Him, and for Him. Therefore our identity is found in Christ. Not just because of who He called us to be or who He says we are, but because we were made LIKE Him, in His own image. So, we can find our identity in Him.

We all know though, it’s one thing to know our identity and another to believe it. I can know I’m loved, but I don’t always believe it. I can know that I have value, but not always believe that I am valuable. So, how do we learn to believe who’s we are and that our identity truly is found in Jesus?

First, we have to understand what it means to have an identity in Christ. What does that mean for us as believers? It simply means that our value, hope, worth, etc is not found in the world but it is found in our Creator, the One who has already chosen us. The One who chose us before we even knew we were chosen. Second, we have to understand why we are valuable, worthy of love, chosen. This can take on many different forms. We are these things because God has called us them, but even more importantly, we are these things because God saw us worth dying for on the Cross so that we could have this life. Our God saw how lost we were, how we searched for our place, how we compared ourselves to one another, and He wanted us to know we meant something to Him. He wanted us to know that He saw us worthy of sacrifice just so that we could see our own value and worth. Lastly, you have to remind yourself daily. Since we do live in a culture of comparison and “perfection”, you have to constantly fight the urge and remind yourself that who God says you are is who you are!

You are a son or daughter of the King of Kings, you are worthy of love, you are known and chosen, you have a purpose, you are special, you are unique, you are cherished, you are adored, you are jealousy loved. And let me tell you, friend, that you are good enough, you are worthy, and you have a purpose and a call on your life. The Creator of the Universe calls you loved, worthy, wonderfully made, royalty, chosen, and worth dying for. Speak this truth over yourself, know it and believe it!


So, as we approach Halloween, let it be a reminder of who you’ve been putting your identity in? Is it the masks? The costumes? The pretending? Whatever it may be, know that your identity isn’t found in the comparison game or seeking to fit in or be “cool.” Your identity isn’t placed in the amount of friends you have or how good you are at something. Your identity is found in the One who made you, knows you, and loves you more than you’ll ever know. Don’t let the spirit of Halloween follow you throughout the next couple of weeks, months, or years. Learn how to truly know and believe who you are and who’s you are!

*bridal portraits done by Jamie Huffman Photography



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