Fun in the Fall: How to Decorate Your Home for Fall in Under $20

I got so much positive feedback on doing a Fall series, that I launched one last week! I will be posting one Fun in the Fall post each week. The days will differ, so be on the lookout!

You can follow along, as well as join in the fun with me, with the hashtag #FunintheFallwithCNH

There will be posts about how to decorate your house for Fall in under $20, Fall fashion in Texas heat, recipes of all sorts, my Fall bucket list (which you can find here), DIY projects, a Fall playlist, and I want to try some other bloggers Fall “how-to”s and give you guys my feedback! There is a lot in store for this series and I am so excited to have fun in the Fall with you!

*Fall is from September 21 – December 21. You can expect posts every week until December 21st!

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When I asked what Fall posts you would like to see on the blog, my two most suggested were Fall Fashion in Texas Heat (which is coming!) and Fall Decor that doesn’t break the bank. I had a lot of you say that you really wanted to decorate your home for Fall, but were on a tight budget, or just didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. So, I searched a few different places to find the best options and spent almost exactly $20 and was able to decorate my living room and kitchen table for Fall. So, let’s check it out.

First, I want to let you know the places I looked at before deciding where would be the cheapest for the most stuff. I went to TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, and Target. TJ Max and Tuesday morning had a TON of cute stuff, but it wasn’t cheap enough to get more for your money. I would still suggest looking there if you aren’t on a tight budget because they had a lot of Fall and Halloween options. Tuesday Morning, at least the one in Waxahachie, had more Christmas decorations than Fall (which if you know me, I am super excited about!!!), and there few Fall items weren’t really my style. The one disclaimer is that every TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning is different, so if you’re still looking, I would check them out! Walmart had a few cute pumpkin things here and there and they were under budget, but Target had more options and styles in my opinion. So, the secret is out, I was able to decorate my home for Fall in under $20 at Target. 

Target has their dollar section AND their Fall/Halloween section, as well as Fall details located all throughout the store. They had the most options and variety of style! So, that is why I chose them! Here is what I bought:

The mini wool pumpkin set for $6.00

Two wool pumpkins for $3.99 each

The little white pumpkin for $2.00

The wooden wall pumpkin for $3.00

Which adds up to around $19.00

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I got the mini wool pumpkin set to add some color. I know the muted colors for Fall are really in style right now (Target had options for those too), but I wanted some Fall colors in my house because all my decor is already pretty boring when it comes to color. Everything in our house is gray, white, brown, black, or gold pretty much. So, I wanted to add some color. The reason I wanted to spend $6 of my $20 on them is because it comes with 8 little wool pumpkins that I could spread out wherever I wanted to and it would bring the whole look together. AND they are small, so they’ll be easy to box up when Fall is over. (I found these in the Fall/Halloween section, where all the pumpkins, Fall figurines, and signs were.)


I wanted a million of these tan/gray wool pumpkins. I thought they were SO cute! They also had a few other sizes of them if you’re wanting bigger options. They are so subtle, but they are also really elegant. I love the texture and the look of them. I bought two so that I could use them in multiple ways! The picture above is our dinning table centerpiece. We have youth kids over every week, so I wanted something small that wouldn’t be in the way and that was easy to move around. (I found these by the decoration section in Target, but the lamps, fake plant items, and home decor.)


I bought the little white pumpkin because I wanted something without texture. They had orange, black, and white options, but white went best with my other items. They also have bigger sizes and some with words like “Give Thanks” painted on them in glitter. After getting married, Brad hates glitter, so I stayed away from that! (I got this in the Fall/Halloween section as well, but these weren’t really in an aisle.)

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Lastly, the wooden wall pumpkin (that I didn’t put on the wall, might I add) was something that caught my eye immediately walking in to the store. You guessed it, the dollar section. I thought it was unique, cute, farmhouse-like, and it’s wooden so it goes with all of our wooden decor that we already have in our home. I have it on our white fire mantle and I love the way it looks. (I got this in our Dollar Section. Disclaimer: there was a lot more I wanted to buy from the dollar section, but the Waxahachie Target was out of almost everything. So, I still recommend checking it out!)

For my Fall home decor, I wanted it to be barely noticeable that I added anything to our normal decor and I wanted it to be dainty. So, I purchased a lot of small things that added character! Your style may be more bold than mine and that’s awesome! When we move into our forever home, with kids, and us both working, I’ll probably be a lot more bold with my seasonal decorating. I went with my own style in this challenge, but I took note of a few things!

First, Target had a lot of cute garlands for Fall that would be so adorable on a fireplace or at a coffee bar!

Second, TJ Maxx had a lot of cute entertaining and kitchen Fall stuff if you’re wanting more that style of decorations!

Third, Target also has some more elegant Fall decor, like heavier gold pumpkins and acorns, that are SO cute if they’re in your budget! (We have some gift cards left to target and I’m thinking about snagging that gold pumpkin because it is SO pretty and elegant!)

Forth, this was a challenge for me, so I avoided places like Hobby Lobby, where I knew I would go way over budget. If you’re wanting to spend under $20, you have to know yourself! Go places where you know they have cheaper items or that you know you can control your buyers impulse. I knew Target had cheaper options. I did have to put multiple things back to stay under budget, but I was able to do it.

Lastly, make it your own! I love my little wool pumpkins and I pick one up almost everyday because I think they’re so cute. It’s me, it’s my style. It might not be yours. Find out what your style is and embrace it. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween decor, so I went more generic. You may love Halloween and Target had a ton of cute options in the dollar section! I would take advantage of all the resources for creativity we have today. Check out Pinterest, look online, check out home bloggers, and look up DIY projects!

*Sorry for my not-so-perfect pictures in this post, I am not a photographer but I wanted to show you what I purchased and what they looked like in our home!*

I hope you found this helpful and that you’re able to decorate YOUR home in a budget that is comfortable for you!

I want to see your Fall Decorations, budget friendly or not! Share yours and use the hashtag #FunintheFallwithCNH on Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook! I can’t wait to see them all and I’m so glad to have you on this Fun in the Fall journey with me!

Until next time,




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